Our Needs - We Appreciate your Donations!

The Siding


A siding project that was started a few years ago ran into some problems.  It's a long and complicated story.  With a little extra funding, the project can be completed.

The Kitchen


Through the "encouragement" of the Fire Marshall, a kitchen upgrade has become a high priority for Post 119.  A required hood upgrade means that other appliances have to be upgraded as well.  Partial funding has been identified.

The Parking Lot


 The parking lot requires an improved  drainage system to divert water away from the building.  Then, we need to grade, blacktop, and build handicap spots in the lot. 

Veteran Emergency Fund


Contribute to the fund that we set aside to assist veterans and their families in time of crisis.  These funds might help pay rent for a month, or purchase some groceries or gas, or help buyu new winter coats for a family in need.

Renovate Restrooms


 Both the Men's and the Women's restrooms need to be upgraded, including ADA accessibility. Also, plumbing upgrades are needed in several parts of the building. 

Bar Remodel


One more area of our facility that could use a face lift!  


Introducing the 2nd Century Fund

Building the Future While Preserving the Past

In May 2020, Estes Park American Legion Post 119 embarks on a second century of service to veterans and the Estes Park community. But service in the new century requires your help with unfinished work from our first hundred years. We need to preserve, restore and update our 80-year old historic building both for its place in the history of Estes Park, as well as a place for our veterans and community to serve and relax in the future.


History You Didn’t Know

The building occupied by American Legion Post 119 was constructed on its present site in 1939 as the headquarters for the Colorado Big Thompson Project, a New Deal project designed to convey water from the Rockies western slope to Colorado’s eastern plains. The building overlooked a 23-acre site, serving as the Project base camp for 15 years. Upon completion of the Big Thompson Project in 1954, American Legion Post 119 purchased the building, and the structure began new service to veterans and the community. In 1998 the building was included on the Colorado State Register of Historic Places. 

When the building was added to the State Register, its historic significance was noted as follows: (1) the property is associated with two events that made significant contributions to history — the Colorado-Big Thompson Reclamation Project, and the development of the Town of Estes Park; and (2) the property preserves distinctive characteristics of the Colonial Revival vernacular style architecture, representative of the Bureau of Reclamation’s New Deal projects.


Recent Progress

Due to the generosity of supporters, several restoration projects have recently been completed, including a new roof, remodeling the Great Hall and installing a new audio-visual system, and refurbishing floors in the poolroom and hallway. We are grateful for these gifts which were also instrumental in motivating additional restoration and the 2nd Century Fund. 


The Unfinished Work

In 2018 the Colorado Historic Preservation Fund paid for a structural analysis of the building to identify requirements necessary to preserve the building and enable it to serve the Legion’s Mission of service to veterans and the community. Projects identified included replacing badly deteriorated siding, restoring windows to their historic configuration, installing fire, CO and security systems, re-grading the site and installing new drainage to prevent further water damage to the foundation, improvement to parking, and making entrance ramps and bathrooms ADA accessible for injured veterans. These projects are estimated to cost $480,000. Part of the cost will be met with grants as well as $55,000 currently in the Legion Building Fund. But we need to raise $150,000 by September 30, 2019 to meet remaining grant-matching requirements and to pay for projects where grant funds are not available. 


Help Veterans Serve Our Community

Our 2nd Century Fund goal is $150,000 by September 30, 2019. By funding the restoration projects identified below, your contribution will enable this historic building and American Legion Post 119 to continue to be a cornerstone for our veterans and the community of Estes Park as we enter our 2nd century. If there is a specific project that you would like to support, please contact Dottie (below), and she will have a member of our Committee contact you.

Your support of our effort with a donation or a pledge would be greatly appreciated. We accept cash, checks, credit cards and PayPal. Click on the link below, or call or email Dottie at (303) 437-0265 or donations@esteslegion.org.


Who Sees the Needs?

We are proud to announce that 100% of our Legion, Sons, Auxiliary and Riders officers have pledged their commitment to this program. These are the people who are most familiar with the ongoing needs of Post 119.

Some of the specific project needs are identified below.  YOU can see those needs too.  How would you like to help?

Be part of the solution!

Your support and contributions will enable us to improve conditions at Post 119. Your generous donation will make our 2nd Century Fund goals a reality.

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