Special Benefits


For Veterans and their Families

A new free program is beginning for Estes Park Veterans and their families. Resiliency Training will be provided every Tuesday from 11 am until noon at American Legion Post 119 beginning on February 27 through April 3. Kendra Ryan from Estes Park Yoga is the instructor for the program.

Resiliency may be defined as the ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like. Resiliency is not innate, but is learned. This 6-week series of classes will introduce breathing techniques and movement patterns that enhance health and brain plasticity to improve resiliency. All Veterans, Active Military and their families are invited to participate in these classes at no charge; membership in the Legion is not required. Participants are asked to wear comfortable clothing. Equipment will be provided.

Kendra Ryan is a Navy Commander and certified yoga instructor. She is an Estes Park resident and is the owner of Estes Park Yoga at 145 East Elkhorn Avenue Suite 200. Contact Kendra with any questions you might have at estesparkyoga@gmail.com, (970) 586-3254.

This program is made possible through partnership of The American Legion, Estes Park Yoga, and Lumpy Ridge Brewing Company. It is funded through proceeds from the sale of Lumpy Ridge’s Legion Ale. It is an excellent opportunity for the military and ex-military community to come together for healthier living. Please join us!


Legion Ale!

Lumpy Ridge Brewing Co, has developed an offering that they call Legion Ale, complete with a logo especially designed for Post 119!  Many thanks to Nick and Wade for this honor!  You can enjoy Legion Ale at the Post 119 Social Club.


Connect with Legionnaires across the Nation.

Post 119 has the good fortune of existing within a community that attracts visitors from across the nation. That makes one of the American Legion's standing traditions especially meaningful here in Estes Park.  Legionnaires from other posts bring their post license plates to Post 119, to exchange for one from our post.  Our collection from other posts is rather impressive, and is symbolic of the rich opportunities for meeting other Veterans through our Post membership.

Blue Star Banner Program