Our Thanks

Our Floors


Thanks to contributions from Cynthia Krumme and anonymous donors, the natural oak floors throughout the building have been restored to their natural beauty.

Our Staffing


Many thanks to Dottie Allen for the amazing job she has done over the years to keep Post 119 on the move!  We will miss her contributions as a staff person, but look forward to a great volunteer relationship!

Our wainscoting


Thanks to donations from Jane Livingston and Bestway Painting, the wainscoting throughout the building has been replaced with very attractive beetle-kill paneling.

Our Sign Upgrade


Through donations in memory of Michele Gibson, we were able to repair and upgrade our classic changeable letter sign for Post 119.

Our New Audio-Visual System


Thanks to support by the Quota Club, our Great Hall now has a high-quality audio-visual system for use in meetings and special events.

Keeping a shiny face!


Thanks to the hard work of volunteers like Bill Smith, John Young, Richard Erbe, Dick McQuate, and Bill Allen we get to keep a handsome face on Post 119.  Thank you!

Our Bar Management


There aren't enough good words to express how grateful we are to Thor and Darlene Homme for their volunteer management of the bar in our social club for much of 2018.    

The Saddle Raffle


Many thanks to Bill Marshall and his daughter Marianne Marshall-Gibson for their donation of a custom-built western saddle crafted by J. David Huey, a well-known Texas saddle maker.  The saddle together with a matching bridle and breastplate are valued at $6,500.  This donation was the heart of our summer fundraiser.

Our Roof and Gutters


Thanks to many donations over the years, including a major donation by an anonymous donor, and to the generous work by Soderburg Roofing, Post 119 was able to afford a new roof and gutters in 2017. 

Our Video


We are greatly appreciative to  Claire Molle, Sean Doherty and Nick Molle Productions for the outstanding short documentary “Our Town. Unfiltered. American Legion Post 119” that premiered this month.  You can watch it on Channel 8 or on YOUTUBE at https://youtu.be/Y8x0TRAll8M

Our Hall


 Thanks to many donations over the years, including major donations by Jane Livingston and an anonymous donor, and to the good work by volunteers, Post 119 was able to renovate the hall with a new wall and ceiling finish, new ceiling fans, a floor buffing and new draperies throughout the room. 

Our freezer and veteran support


Sunrise Rotary has provided several grants to Post 119.  One has allowed us to purchase a new $6,000 freezer, and the other has provided $1,000 toward assisting a needy veteran.

Resiliency Training


Kendra Ryan of Estes Park Yoga worked with Post 119 to provide Resiliency Training at no charge to Veterans, Active Military, and their families. Hoping we can resume this program when Kendra returns from active duty in Germany!

An Architectural Analysis


Through a grant from the Colorado Historical Society, Post 119 has been undergoing an architectural review by _____ to identify priorities for structural upgrades.

Our Cupola


Thanks to the risky behaviors of Richard, Tom and Thor, our cupola got a much needed paint job! 

Our Haunted Halloween Crew


So many volunteers go into a successful Haunted House!  We especially want to thank Kovo Mendoza and Jenn Bass for their creative efforts, and the graveyard sponsors and decorators for their donations, their creativity, and for getting Post 119 a Business Bright Spot Award!

Lumpy Ridge Brewery


Have you tried a Legion Ale?  It's great!  And $1 from each glass sold at Post 119 goes to support our Veterans Service programs.  Thanks Nick and Wade!